Another shopping post.

Or may be more proper title for this article should be “Revision and shopping”. I had some delay  with parts manufacturing  but every cloud has a silver lining, so I got a bit of time to revise the list of parts for this project I already bought  and added new lines in “have to buy” list.

Some parts I bought earlier, couple of parcels arrived last week and some parts I bought only yesterday in local motorcycle parts shop. But anyway, here they are.

The first lot is OEM Honda gasket sets (so called set A and B) and this packages contain all gasket, seals, rubbers and washers I need to rebuild engine. Yes, these sets are quite expensive, but they worth their price. Earlier in my practice I successfully used non OEM gasket sets but after I was forced to change leaking non OEM cylinder base and cylinder head  gaskets on my “Eight Ball” cafe-racer only after 2K kilometers, I decided that I got enough of it. Potentially wasted time and wasted money – more than good reason to use  OEM gaskets and rubbers at least in key points (like cylinder bas or cylinder head). So this time I bought full set of OEM gaskets for Seven Fifty. That’s how they look:

img_5501They contain packages with seals, rubbers and washers:

img_5530Next comes what I named “front fork repack kit”: oil, set of bushes, seals, bust seals and bottom bolts on addition.

img_5626After fork parts follows steering head bearings and set of  new fuel tank rubbers:

img_5660Then we have a set of throttle cables, choke cable, new ignition switch, carburetors floating chamber gaskets, spark plugs and new pins with circlips for footpegs:

img_5557Yet another one possession is new rear tire. New front tire is on its place since the spring, so there is no need to show it, you have already saw it.

img_5591And as file-closer lot is D.I.D gold&black chain and front sprocket. New rear sprocket I bought and installed when I had to adjust position of rear wheel and all other suspension parts.

img_5617That’s all for this time.

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