KZ650 cafe-racer. Wheels polishing. Part 4. Some assembly.

Once I finished with Honda CBX550 wheel’ hubs polishing I gave hubs to the paintshop, where all unpolished surfaces were painted with same heat resistant paint I used for Honda CB815 engine. Why bother with paint? Simply to protect that vast aluminum  surfaces of hubs from oxidation and make them more easy to clean in future. Only yesterday I got parts ready.

Sure, I immediately put hubs and spoke adapters together and for this purpose I already had  hardware of right type: 7mm  flanged bolts with non-reduced body diameter (strength grade 10) and high 7mm flanged nuts. I found suitable bolts among Honda OEM part numbers while nuts were provided by BMW, both of these manufacturers are well known by their love for 7mm hardware.

This is just a pre-build made to get impression how polished hubs and adapters look in assembly. And to say they look great is to say nothing. Also they gave me mostly lethal dose of motivation to continue with wheel’ parts polishing. But enough words, here are pictures:

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