Seven Fifty cafe-racer. In progress.

Just occasional photo of project’s progress. I’ll post detailed information later, after additional parts  arrive and  other parts are finished, but the attentive eye even now  may notice front fender, mirrors, dashboard and footpeg plates.


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  1. Stewart

    It’s such a good looking swingarm! Is it from a kawasaki?
    How about the front shocks and wheels? What bike are they from?
    Building myself a retro RC42 here

  2. gazzz (Post author)

    Hi again, Stewart!

    Yes, that’s Kawasaki Zephyr 750 swingarm.

    Here is all updates with all information about my Seven Fifty project:

    About swingarm installation:

    About shocks:

    1. Stewart

      Does the swingarm need any modification apart from using different shocks?
      Can you use the original swingarm pivot bolt and bearings for it?
      How about the width? Did you cut it to fit it into the rc42 frame or did you add spacer to center it?
      And finally the driven sprocket, did you have to shift it to the side to match the frame and the engine?

    2. Stewart

      Oops, you have already posted it, sorry mate ~


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