Journey photos. Occasional Krakow.

When we had our drive to France with all Zephyr 750 cafe-roadster parts our path was far from straight so we spent some few days for travel. I crossed west border of Ukraine first time in my life and all around was interesting for me. Unfortunately, the crossing of the border took much more our time than we expected and we reached our first point of destination in Krakow around midnight. Next day we planned to reach Prague, so the only time we could spend for take a look on Krakow was a couple of hours in the morning. That was completely insufficiently for such an interesting city, but a little is better than nothing and we drove to the historical center of the Krakow and had a short walk there. I had my camera at hand so here are occasional photos I shot through our stroll.

Krakow_003IMG_2408 IMG_2482 IMG_2454_1 IMG_2448 IMG_2445 IMG_2441 IMG_2443 IMG_2437 IMG_2432 IMG_2486 IMG_2433 IMG_2459 IMG_2429 IMG_2426 IMG_2336 IMG_2452 IMG_2294 IMG_2494 IMG_2491

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