“Eight Ball” creation. Part 1. Returning of XJ.

I sold my XJ400 in 2007, and expected never to see it again in my garage. But 2 years later this bike returned back to me, being a little bit crashed here, and more than bit smashed there, and in completely non-functioning condition after non-fatal road accident. The former owner (of the bike) knew about my search for custom bike creation base and proposed  me to get XJ back.

So this story begins six years ago, with one slightly mad winter drive.  It was an early morning when me  and my old chap kicked out  rear seats from his car, and started our two hundred and fifty kilometers run. It might be a short distance,  if not overnight snowfall which continued for all that day, that made a trip much longer.

But my friend is that type of guy, who rides or drives clear and fast all vehicles with at least two wheels attached, so  we were in point of destination in time.

 Over there we participated in a quest named “How to shove a motorcycle into the little car’s trunk”, which we’ve  completed successfully.

Here is the car owner, proud of his car’s capacity:  Our way home was also  under a snowfall,  while a great deal easier due to our pleasant cargo.

After detailed  check of the  bike I completed the list of parts that were more or less destroyed, and needed replacement:

  •   Front fork tubes;
  •  Dashboard and ignition switch;
  •   Rear shocks;
  •  Headlight;
  •  Tank ;
  •  Rear plastic tails and lightning’s;
  •  Seat and luggage rack;
  •  Handlebar.

And  frame’s rear part needed to be repaired.

At that time I also bought a quite a few of XJ550 parts and during month I completed  all emergency works .  

Even simply  stripped bike looked interesting,  but…

  … terribly ordinary. And I was aware  that my technical and designing skills were insufficient so I decided don’t rush… 

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