“Eight Ball” creation. Part 2. Prologue.

The only place where I could work was a corner of my friend’s garage. All my wrenches and tool could be fitted in the one red toolbox.  And I was enough skilled as mechanic, but not as good as I wished. 

In fact, if all your fiends are motorcyclists, you have no problem in enhancing repairing skills. That wasn’t thoughtful decision, but since winter 2009 I began take in repair different bikes. Works were ranged from rebuilding / fixing / assembling brakes and suspensions, as well as carburetors cleaning to engines overhauling.   

More of those repair works were quite ordinary ones, nevertheless giving  me a lot of practice, experience, and also ideas of what tools I exactly needed. But some of works were very interesting in addition, such as tune-up of my own Kawasaki Zephyr’s engine with Wiseco’ forged pistons:

Or such as Honda CB750 F2 SOHC 1978 engine overhauling:

And so on and so forth…

All money have been earned on those repairs were  spent by me on buying wrenches, tools, measuring tools and all other  stuff needed to do repairing works better. 

When you are riding at least 10K miles a season (from Spring till Winter), and also when you are some kind of photographer, you will be ready to spend a lot of time for all that and on keeping your bike in excellent condition also:-)  So time flies fast when you‘re having what to do. And I had.  There were an employment, the family, the friends, a motorcycle riding, a photographing , as well as my additional mechanical works, not mentioning other few… 

Also, all that time I collected different motorcycle parts.  Some of them where intended for my Cafe –Racer project:

Others  of them I have bought due to their rarity, intending  to apply  them in future projects: 

But progress of “Eight Ball” was still a real turtle slowly-like.  I had a few new sketches, but hey where  far from perfect as this one: 

But I have done nothing serious in this case.  And so my life went likewise until year 2012…

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