Journey photos. Prague, part4

Let’s return to interrupted story about travel through Europe we had in the year 2015.

 So  we went to the park  behind the palace. As it situated on the hill side we had a nice panoramic view of the Prague.

prague_013 prague_014There were only a few high buildings far away, so nothing prevented  us  enjoying the view of a sea of the roofs.

img_3079There were different sculptures here and there in the park.

img_3105Funny lamps:

img_3083 img_3084Hey, man! What a hell are you doing there?!

img_3087OU!  Sorry, it just seemed, you are only tearing apart the beast mouth, good man!

img_3085Then we left the park and out next goal was to find the non-tourist  pub. There  were few of  them still left in such tourist flooded place like Prague’ centre. The Prague friend of mine  knew  them all but even with his knowledge we found places only in a third alehouse in a row. But a blessing in disguise, we had another good walk and I shot few more photos.

img_3109 img_3117 img_3122 img_3130 img_3155prague_016_1You may ask how pub for local public differs from those one for tourists? The answer is: there is no menu on English, you could barely find free place to occupy, the hall is full of Czech language and cigarette smoke and may be your barman face seems to be a face of felon. But beer there is the best so your mind is light but crisp even after good amount of it.

There was a dark outside when we left the pub. Our guide led us to the Vltava quay where local music band used to give impromptu concerts.

img_3183 img_3187Then weather changed to rainy one and we were forced to retreat to our residence.

Next morning we said goodbye to our friend and Prague  and headed to our next point of destination –  Hoegaarden, Belgium.

img_3195To be continued.

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