Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Front fender. Additional photos.

So it was said that photos from  my prior post about front mudguard for KZ650 look like computer generated graphic, rather than photos.  Sure, it was only a joke, but it gave me impetus to post this very post with additional photos of fender. I shot two sets of photos, so to say ‘ walkarounds’.  It  might be overkill posting all pictures in one  go, so for my previous post I’ve chosen the walkaround I liked then the most.   Thus, it looks like it’s time for another.

And before I start here is some photos I shot during final sandpapering. I smoothened inside surface mostly as good as its outer side. I also made final touch for outer side of mudguard to make sure it’s perfect.

And here we go with second edition of KZ650 cafe-racer front fender’ walkaround. Hope you wouldn’t blame me for such abnormal quantity of photos, I just liked the result and  thus I was being  slightly carried away.

cafe-racer front fender cafe-racer front mudguard cafe-racer front fender cafe-racer front mudguard cafe-racer front mudguard cafe-racer front fender

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