Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Short shopping post.

I decided to not to number  this “shopping” post as it contains only two items, one of which  is curious only due to the way it arrived.

This box is completely similar to the box that contained numerous  parts from previous shopping post. However the only part which arrived in this  box is 6mm bolt.

It is in fact a part of order from previous box which supplier sent in a week after the main body of order was dispatched. I’d better wait to get complete order sent in one parcel, but who cares? Nevertheless, it was funny experience.

Second lot is more interesting. It’s NOS (New Old Stock) clutch cover for Kawasaki KZ650. There are two reasons why I bought it. First is: polishing is not a problem for me, but it’s always simpler to work with new  aluminum than with pitted old one.  Second reason is it was a bargain! Couldn’t  pass by.

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