Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Shopping post. Part 3.

Sure, there is nothing surprising in fact that for Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer I chose fully adjustable Kayaba  shocks from Kawasaki  Zephyr 750. However this particular pair is a bit special as it came from Zephyr 750 D with only 5500km and no sign of rust n adjusters or springs. Rare thing so to say.

Next two lots are from Japan and both are of same manufacturer, Kijima. First are fork gaiters of same style that I used for Honda CB850 “Eight Fifteen” and Yamaha XJ “Eight ball”. Just like them.

This time I chose classic cast aluminum headlights brackets. There are a lot of “made in China” copies of this brackets so to avoid disappointment from receiving cheap made and looking parts I ordered brackets from manufacture I trust.  And I wasn’t disappointed with Kijima headlight brackets.  Packing was good.

And parts themselves turned out to be perfectly made: casting is clean and precise, machining well done, thus they fit fork perfectly and tight. May be finish of polishing is a bit not perfect, but I’ll fix it easily.

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