Yamaha SRX600 Reborn. Part3.

At the end of May 2013 crankshaft was renovated. Cylinder was bored and honed.

SRX600I also ported cylinder head channels a little due to “baked caramel” removing. Efforts I applied were worth them all, channels looked nice:

SRX600 SRX600I cleaned valve carbon depositions and gave head and valves for valves and valve seats machine cutting. After that I prepared all components for cylinder head assembling.

SRX600It was ready for use soon.

SRX600Crankcase covers were next items in my list to do. For they looked ugly after more than twenty years of exploitation.

SRX600 SRX600I removed wrecked varnish and polished covers. Curved surfaces required a lot of efforts to process them, however shine of aluminum charmed in the end of all.

IMG_9935 IMG_9933All “greasy works” were done, so I had no reasons to delay engine assembling. I washed and cleaned all parts.

SRX600And began engine assembling.

SRX600Step by step.

SRX600SRX600SRX600SRX600Until cylinder head was installed on its place.

SRX600At that point I faced with the question of cam chain worn. It turned out to be stretched enough for its replacement. I had never before the chance to repair big single cylinder engine, therefore I did not expect that cam chain could be outworn at 50K kilometers. So I even didn’t make measures of cam chain tensioner’s position before engine was disassembled.

I had no time for ordering and parcel waiting (two weeks, if you are lucky). But for my happiness there was spare chain in friendly garage. Guys began to repair XT660 engine at that time and had new cam chain (SRX600 has same partnumber) for it. But they didn’t need it immediately so I offered them a little higher price and got the chain.

Wear of an old chain was visible.

SRX600Assembling work continued. Camshaft and cylinder head cover were ready to install.

SRX600And then were installed.

SRX600Than engine work was interrupted once more due to parcel with some parts being lost. I ordered new rotor nut and lock washers for clutch and balancer weight in April, but I still hadn’t got them by the end of June. But I had a lot of other work to do, so there was no tragedy , but just a minor disappointment.


To be continued.

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