Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Shopping post. Part 2.

The shopping season for our projects commenced. May be the mix of my purchases looks a bit random, but all of acquisitions made according to plan so randomness is just a matter of time to find what I want and logistic.

First lot is a copy of Kawasaki Z900 or Z1 handlebar switches. I like design of these switches and KZ650 handlebar switches look similar to them so I decided to use them in KZ project even as I have no intention  using original KZ650 wiring and ignition.

Sure, I couldn’t get past fuel cap with integrated fuel gauge.

And there are less fancy but yet very useful parts. Front fork rebuild kit: bushes, oil seals, dust seals.

D.I.D timing chain. Even as engine of  our KZ650 has low millage it is preferable to replace original timing chain with new and fresh one. Especially considering that original KZ650 chain is of “old” type and it’s could be of lesser strength than modern “silent” timing chain.

Some EBC heavy duty clutch springs:

And to finish this part, there is set of gaskets and  OEM valve oil seals. I bought this set years ago and I am about to use only gaskets for engine covers, gasket for oil pump and some not major O-rings from it. All seals and O-rings for oil channels will be OEM, just to avoid any potential troubles they might  cause.

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  1. Zelenka Mihály

    Where did you buy the left and right hand switches?

    1. gazzz (Post author)


      I found them on ebay.co.uk

      Just tap “Kawasaki handlebar switch” in search line there.


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