Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Assembling. Part 2.

As I wrote in previous part, in case of assembling the best story-tellers… are photos. So let’s continue in the same vein.

All went smooth and fast: I continued assembling by installing exhaust system:

Then I installed front brake system, handlebar switches, grips and etc. I filled brake system with fresh fluid and bled system.

I shortened and riveted drive chain and after that I mounted all rear components where on their places:

Sudden power shutdown I turned into occasion to rest and shoot a photo:

And here you may see how right footpeg platform looks from the side of the frame. I designed brake unit to be as simple and “user friendly” as OEM systems are, and I couldn’t hold my hand from adding a specs of brass into the picture.

I cleaned rear brake calliper and assembled rear brake system.

Yet a couple of photos:

And that will do for this part.

To be continued.

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