Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Exhaust mufflers bracket.

Not a lot of my Honda CB750 cafe-racer project units are still remaining to be designed and made and I constantly shorten the list.  Thus yesterday I finished exhaust muffler mounting bracket.

Sure, I knew that question of exhaust mufflers mount will be tricky, when I decided to tack those lot of them under the Seven Fifty belly. Due to tight space it had to be compact, but hard enough to withstand potential motorcycle’ jack-ups.

After some thoughts I worked out solution and made mounting bracket of aluminum, 3mm thick for lower part and front panel, 8mm for upper plate, 5mm for rear spacers and 15mm or so for central stand.  That’s how all parts looked before welding:

After they were welded together I grinded weld seams, but only slightly, as I didn’t wish to lose solidity of bracket.

Yet another reinforcing plate:

And in such view exhaust bracket began to look like kind of steampunk bear muzzle:-)

That’s how it works:

And that’s how bracket looks screwed to engine in original exhaust mounting points:






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