Cafe-Roadster. In details.

And here is final part of Zephyr 750 Cafe-Roadster photos. For this set I selected photos of bike’ detailing, so you could see all that small features which make bike sound: indicators, mirror, dashboard, tail light, turn lights, front fender mounting, cable routing and so on. and so forth.

IMG_6548 IMG_6695 Zephyr 750 cafe roadster/racer IMG_6716 IMG_6725 IMG_6773 IMG_6873 IMG_6877 IMG_6880 IMG_6874 IMG_6886

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  1. Nadège

    Faites vous un kit de montage cafe racer identique à celui que vous propposez pour le zephyr 750, selle, coque arriere et feu arriere mais je suis intéressée pour un zephyr 550. Sans modification de la moto (découpage, soudure)
    A quel est le prix?

    1. gazzz (Post author)


      Zephyr 750 and 550 have different frames and subframes, so, unfortunately, my kit isn’t compatible with Zephyr 550.

      I have no 550 Zephyr at hand here in Ukraine, but sure, if I’ll get an occasion, I’ll design kit for 550 and establish kits manufacturing.

      Kind regards,


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