Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Battery.

Ok, it’s time to explain what was previous post about.

As I designed  my Honda CB750 Seven Fifty cafe-racer as a motorcycle with clear frame triangle, I had to manage question of hidden battery location. In first version of design it had to be placed in tail, but in design v2.0 it should became more complicated issue.

Fortunately, battery technologies  are moving forward fast, so now one may buy lightweight, compact but safe and powerful LiFePO4 battery. So did I. I chose Aliant YLP07. It has only 450g of weights, 114x98x40mm  dimensions but in the same time is of 7Ah of capacity and 260A of cranking amperes. That’s really impressive, even as price of battery quite high.

Here it is in comparison to a match box.

Battery arrived at Winter, so I had a lot of time to find a place for it, even as I was completely busy making kits. I found several potential points for battery location but finally I decided to place it  under the swingarm.  Zephyr swingarm which I used in this project left a bit less of space then original one, but there was still a little room for battery there.

But surely, battery, placed in such place should be strongly protected from weather and vibrations.  And it also should be still accessible without need of half a bike’ disassembling. So I began from searching of box suitable for battery. I found one in local electrical shop. It was made of aluminum  and battery fit tight to it.

I drilled holes for rubber mounting dumpers and wire intakes.

Then installed dumpers and rubbers for wire intakes and  added drain nozzle.

I made box mounting plate of aluminium.

Box is mounted to plate through rubbers and then all setup could be mounted to frame. I left a lip in front of a plate for third mount point but I’ll finish it later, when frame work begins.

First layer of insert, made of hard sort of rubber, one is for front and one – for lower sides of box.

Next layer is made from more thin and soft sort of rubber.

Battery fits tight as a hand in glove.

I have intention to make additional isolation for positive terminal.

Last layer of rubber.

And ready box.

Total weight of setup is around 1kg.

Now about how it mounted to frame. Seven Fifty has crossbar in lower rear part of frame to which central stand mounts is welded.  Those mounts spoil the frame silhouette so I had intention to cut them off anyhow. Here you may see what I am talking about, just look at that ugly piece of metal right above the ends of exhaust mufflers.

So I cut mount off and left only short ears for battery setup mount. Later I’ll weld nuts for internal sides to make mounting easy, and front mounting point must be added as well.

And that’s how it looks all together.

So battery is hidden and as additional benefit I’ve got frame silhouette improved.

Battery removing procedure is simple. One just should disconnect “+” and “-” wires from starter relay and frame, unscrew three bolts and pull whole setup out of frame.


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