Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Gearbox and clutch.

Let’s return to Honda CB750 cafe-racer story. I wrote previous post about Seven Fifty in January, so it was a huge interruption in work on CB750, but not all the time was spent on Zephyr kits or other projects of mine.

So this post will be about gearbox and clutch. I chose CBX750 six-gear gearbox for this project. Seven Fifty gearbox has five gears.  The gear ratios of first gears are same for both gearboxes and there is only slight difference between ratios of highest ones. But after “Eight Ball” I became so used for six gears that even tried to find it even when riding Zephyr:-)

Another reason is CBX750 hydraulic clutch. The clutches and therefore gearbox main shafts of Seven Fifty and CBX750 are different.  As I have intention to use CBX clutch with hydraulic drive I’ve naturally chosen to use a whole CBX setup.

But at first all components of gearbox and clutch should be checked and measured.

After everything was checked and list of parts compiled, all gearbox parts were cleaned, oiled and assembled.

After checking I could certainly mark condition of gearbox as “perfectly intact”. As for the clutch, all main components were in very good condition too, but I decided to replace friction clutch discs and steel clutch discs, clutch spring, one of two large washers, nut ant its washer. And I also ordered new set of seals for clutch drive.

And, of course, don’t forget about new lock washer for central shift fork.

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