Zephyr kits again:-)

After I finished and sent first two Zephyr 750 cafe kits of the year 2017 to my customers I had a little time for my Seven Fifty working plan readjustment and then another pair of kits were ordered and prepaid. Also I had quite busy period on my day time work in the same time so I had no any spare time to post materials in last two weeks.

So let these photos of kits manufacturing process be initial post after this unintentional interruption. Seats bases were treated and given to seat maker in the first place.

And here are tails with shapes cut and grinded:

This time I ordered four sets of laser cut parts to have some supply for future orders. Now all these steel parts will be welded, sandpapered, sandblasted and then coated.

And last photo for today. Hardware sets packed and components for tail lights and license plate lights. Tail light frames not polished yet.

Yep, I also designed manufacturing process of some other cafe-racer parts in these two weeks, but about them I’ll tall a bit later…

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