Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Dashboard bracket.

This post is about how I managed the mounting set for  multifunctional dashboard I bought for Honda CB750 cafe-racer project.

There was no way to use those bracket with which dashboard was staffed. But even if that way has been, I wouldn’t use it, because it has too long arm to hold such a big dashboard properly on only one mount. So instead I designed new mounting bracket.

That how it looks disassembled.

img_7003In left upper corner you may see original bracket, though it should be turned on 180 degrees, I just forgot to do it in hurry when shooting photos. Other three pieces are the components of new bracket. The main plate with mounting rubbers in it (rubbers are from original bracket) I made of 2mm stainless steel and two side holders – from 3mm stainless steel.

Side holders have threaded holes in lower plates so main plate may be screwed to them.

img_7019I drove so called adjusting screws (or threaded pins) into mounting points of ignition switch and then tightened switch by two high nuts. After that main bracket was mounted to the nuts from below.

img_7057And as side holders are on their places…

img_7064 img_7084… dashboard may be installed.

img_7093 img_7102I have intention to treat high nuts in lathe to make them more light looking but in general dashboard bracket is ready.

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