Seven Fifty cafe-racer. New seat design.

Okay, let’s continue about new seat base for Seven Fifty project and about new design of tail.

Here is a base, ready for further treatment with all mounting components ready and on their places. I made front pins of aluminum and rear plate of stainless steel. I also found  the welder at hand who is good at inox welding, so nuts, as you may see, are welded to plate with some share of artistry.

IMG_4576 IMG_4594 IMG_4579And here is a new tail design. I think photos will be self-explanatory. The only I may say, I added license plate emulator to make the image more complete.

IMG_4420 IMG_4450 IMG_4508 IMG_4436Now seat base with seat model is in work in a seat maker’s workshop and I am waiting for result with excitement.

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