8ball short post.

IMG_9199The end of the year is a good time to turn round and look what goals you have achieved. And one of mine is, of course, Eight Ball.  I used it as city bike to everyday riding for all season 2015. That was not as high millage as I wish, but I did some 4K kilometers on it. And what could I say? Eight Ball is the best city motorcycle I ever had: light in handling, great in accelerating and slim as possible. Last feature is important in city traffic jam. The riding between lanes is still not illegal in Ukraine so it is the best way to faster your movement in morning and evening car tides. In this case Eight Ball is even better than one of the best factory made Japanese traffic cutter – Yamaha SRX. Add to all I told above suspension and tires which give you ability to make comfortable 90 km/h on a stone-paved road and easy climb on high sidewalk edges, don’t forget exterior and sound which attract the eyes and you may be you could imagine how sad I was when in the middle of October unusual cold fell on Ukraine and after that came a month and half of permanent rains so I was forced to park the Eight Ball in garage…

But I have a lot of ideas and even more work in my small workshop so I hope the Winter will seem short and I’ll be on the road again on the 8ball.


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