Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Engine disassembling and checking. Part 2.

I do believe that actual mileage of this KZ650 engine is around 10K kilometres. And it is clearly readable that those mileage was gained in two stages. Some of it was made when bike was new, then motorcycle was abandoned for years and it run next part of its kilometres when valve seals became a bit harder and began to skip some oil into combustion chambers, thus upper layer of loose carbon was deposited in exhaust channels and valves.

Valves’ stems are only slightly touched by wear.

Meanwhile, intake channels still are clean and look just like new.

Cam bearing surfaces look great too:

And I easily removed those above-mentioned upper layers of carbon deposits , with help of rag and carburetor cleaner.

Another proof of my “two stage” theory are tiny scratches caused by carbonized particles of oil that may be found on parts that looks like new, as oil pump, for example.

I am more than satisfied with condition of all engine’ components. Here are few more photos:

The only thing I had to fix so far is one of exhaust studs that was torn out with a  small piece of cylinder head as well.

So it is clear now: I have shopping list and list “to do” for engine, so I just have to perform all their items!



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