Kyiv Kustom Kulture fest photos. Part 1.

 There was a “Kyiv Kustom Kulture fest” (the brand name of the event) last weekend in Kiev and I with cafe Yamaha “Eight Ball” unexpectedly took a part in it. The main part of this fest was dedicated to the custom motorcycles, bicycles and cars, other accessories and stuff for hipsters.

I had a lot of different work in my garage to do, but such events are rare in Ukraine so finally I decided to try “to jump the last wagon”, though organizers closed participants’ lists by this time. So I worked hard all week, doing my best to get free Saturday I could spent for the event. Suddenly – the evening before the fest opening – I managed to join the participants’ list of the fest.

 So Saturday morning I was a bit sleepy and tired, but I did a last portion of unfinished works, washed off dead flies decoration from my “Eight Ball” and helmet, put camera in backpack and rode to the fest location. There I was given a nice place for my bike: between old Chevrolet Camaro and Buick. The festival was to be opened in couple of hours and participants continued to arrive so I have got a good chance to shoot exhibits before visitors crowded the pavilion.

k_001The content exhibited on this event was quite diverse. There were old cars, custom motorbikes of different styles and trends: choppers, bobbers, cafe-racers, brat style bikes and their mixes, and also a lot of custom bicycles. And that mix of styles and directions was pretty good.

 But I think photos I shot could better display an atmosphere of festival than words, but a couple of them at last. In the final of fest I was suddenly prized not only with participant diploma, but with some gifts also. That was a pleasant surprise.

 And great thanks for Kustom Kulture fest organizers.

 First portion of photos:

IMG_1326 IMG_1343 IMG_1321 IMG_1325 IMG_1317 IMG_1318 IMG_1302 IMG_1312 IMG_1296 IMG_1298 IMG_1290 IMG_1281 IMG_1286 IMG_1262 IMG_1294IMG_1258 IMG_1255 IMG_1250 IMG_1254 IMG_1385

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