Weekend “Eight Ball” ride.

There was the middle of the Friday before last weekend when I felt that I was completely worked out. So I went downstairs to the street, unlocked guard chain, unveiled the “Eight Ball”, then put the rucksack on my back and rode out the city. I had to ride some 250 km in one direction, half of which was in extremely disgusting condition. Under “extremely disgusting ” I mean that particular condition of a road pawing, when both of your bike’s wheels are in air with enviable consistency.

I had some idea to shoot that road and tell you about how good to have working suspensions and high profiled tires. But sun was shining and surrounding views were so pleasant to eye and heart, that I decided to shoot them instead.

And here they are:

Yamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racer Yamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racer Yamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racer Yamaha XJ "Eight Ball" cafe-racerP.S. May be the idea to use cafe-racer in role of touring motorcycle is far from brilliant, but all those views and sunflowers worth them all. That was like a mouthful of fresh air.

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  1. Brett

    What tank is being used for this stunner

  2. gazzz (Post author)

    Here is an answer about what components used in this project:

    So tank is Kawasaki KZ650 fuel tank.


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