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Through the years of kits manufacturing we posted quite a lot of photos of our clients’ motorcycles. And every one of Zephyr was unique, as unique were ideas of their owners.

With words ‘Ci joint des photos du montage…’ I found a message from my client in France.

It was in August.  So beautiful, fresh image of  blue sky reflection in the window near  motorcycle in molded wood architecture’ frame somewhere beyond city boundaries. That photo easily might have a place on the wall in some art gallery.  Its’ perfect solitude , as clear air in the early morning in the countryside… for perfect solitaire.

Kawasaki Zephyr 750 cafe-racer, Breizh, FranceThere were motorcycles painted in black among the photos of Zephyrs we received, but this time it was special. This motorcycle bears striking attractiveness of minimalistic concept,  the combination of only two colours: black and silver. The concept of minimalism is much more complicated than it may appear: it’s pretty easy to slip beyond the edge that marks the border between art and ordinary simplicity.  And I am completely confident that this bike is on the right side of that edge!

Kawasaki Zephyr 750 cafe-racer, Breizh, France

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  1. route 66

    Тот случай, когда родной хвост кажется не родным. А с китом образ смотрится законченым

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