Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Front fender. Part 3.

So let’s return to front fender for Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. It was quite the task to design lightweight looking mount for mudguard, especially if it takes in to account  the following :

  • front fork has asymmetrically positioned mounting points for fender;
  • I already use one pair of them (front ones) as additional mounting points for front brake brackets.

To get symmetrical look of mounts I worked out quite complicated  design of fender mounting plates. Here they are:

I didn’t order them to be cut on laser, as they would to be bent before drilling and cutting. However, to get two parts of identical dimensions I used old method: after I bent plates, I drilled mount holes, then screwed them together and only after that shaped them and grinded edges.

I prefer leaving behind the scenes of how I adjusted and welded together all eight parts of fender mount.  After parts were welded together I had a lot of grinding work. And sure, some additional decorative welding was done were it was necessary (to make welding seam zones smooth).

Work  took a lot of man-hours as it had to be done very accurately. When the finish of grinding and sandpapering became quite visible, mudguard mount already began to look really nice:

I smoothed  perfectly welding seams on outer sides of mounting plates, however I wasn’t so picky with inner sides: one have to know the edge between perfection and madness…

My next task is to make final sandpapering and polish the mount.

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