Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Suspension assembling.

So, as clutch cover didn’t arrived and all other parts were polished, I turned my mind to the next task: wheel assembling. As I used to adjust wheels installed on bike so I had to assemble and install all suspension’ components on the Honda before starting wheel assembling itself.

Let us leave all cleaning works behind the scenes and jump to fork assembling. With this unit I limited myself to routine maintenance, so for this purpose I prepared new bushings, oil seals, dust seals, bolts and copper washers.

Everything  was ready for assembling:

So I assembled front fork in no time:

Next point was wheels’ bearings installation.

Here  I was reminded of a good old rule:  not to do precise work in hurry or excitement.  I managed to wreck seals on couple of bearings, it’s good that I did it in the very beginning of installation, so I would not  to  drive them back. But I lost time next day, as I had to went to special shop and to buy the new bearings to finish the work.

But that lesson was learned for good and soon all wheels’ bearings were installed without a hitch, as well as steering stem bearings and their outers.

Meanwhile, we had a flashback of Winter last weekend. Here what I  saw when peeped out form my garage after I heard especially long-lasting and heartbreaking wind howl:

Usually I work in my garage four days a week from 9:00-11:00AM till 19:00-21:00PM. Such a weather in combination with scheduled everyday 4:00PM  electrical shutdowns could shortened my works sessions in garage, if I didn’t make quite bright LED “emergency” light and hadn’t a stove, working on diesel fuel.  But let’s un-focus from sad things, let’s return to suspension assembling.

After I finished with bearings installation,  it was time to assemble the swingarm. Its bearings were in good condition, so I just made some final cleaning, then grease bearings, installed seals, adapters, new chain guide, polished adjusters and here it is, bright and shiny:

After that all I had to do is to make improvised wooden stand to lift the frame and put all parts together:

I re-checked that I made  everything correct with wheel spacers and that wheel hubs rotating freely when axles tighten securely.

At this point I worked out another rule: never leave wheel assembling for the last moment. The reason of it isn’t in need of operating with painted parts and thus in possibility of their scratching, that could be managed. The reason is rather in simple fact: when you began to assemble motorcycle  it is awfully hard to stop to do it, but after wheels assembling I have to do such an interruption for photo shooting of exploded view…

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