Autumn Road. Part 1.

Every Autumn we arrange a ride to photo-hunt golden tree leaves and red ivy.  But this Autumn the weather mostly broke our plans. We got the week of cold  rains combined with gusty wind exactly  when leaves burst  into all shades of gold, brass and red. It was a pity to spectate  all those treasures of Autumn knocked down to the ground. But rains stopped as suddenly as began: one day it was all overcast with spontaneous and unpredictable showers and next morning sky was clear and Indian summer stepped in to the grounds of Ukraine.

Sure, we were in saddles even before roads became dry, exited to began our hunt. Firstly it looked like a bad joke: a half leafless tries which turned lovely tree tunnels into mock and total absence of red ivy where it grew reach only a year ago didn’t lift our spirits.

But we didn’t give up and found what we searched for. It was a lovely unhurried  ride with lot of stops for photo shooting. And here is a first part of photos I shot, let’s call it “Autumn road”. This year the main hero of it is my “Eight Ball” cafe-racer.

And here is backstage photo shot by Oksana. Still dunno who was main character of the photo, I or SRX?




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