Seven Fifty cafe-racer. Engine assembling, part 3.

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So, Honda CB750 Seven Fifty oil system was packed back in crankcase, oil pan screwed and our next goal was clutch assembling. As I wrote earlier I decided to use CBX750 clutch in this project. Traditional photo of  what I had to assemble:

But firstly I made improvised support plate  for engine to make it stand on workbench firm and in level. It was just a piece of chipboard with glued rubber for oil pan step and holes for drain plug and its protector. Simple thing, but it significantly simplify work with engine.

Clutch assembling itself is simple, merely a question of components installed in right order.

New OEM clutch plates and new aftermarket friction plates:

I oiled and packed them:

I installed remained washers,clutch spring and tightened a lock nut:

Then was time to start top end assembling. Cylinder block and pistons:

New OEM gasket, dowel pins and O-rings for cylinder sleeves. Beware, those O-rings are not included in Honda OEM gasket set A (for top end), so you have to order them separately if there is need to change them.

Soon I installed all pistons and piston rings, then I spaced rings end gaps as repair manual recommends and everything was ready to cylinder block installation.

As I showed here>> not a lot remained of conic mouth on the bottom of cylinders after cylinders were bored up to 70mm, so this work was on hard side, but I managed to do it quite well.

As cylinder block took its place, there was time to install cylinder head. The packages of OEM  gasket became emptier as I took cylinder head gasket and coopered washers for this setup. And of course, another couple of new dowel pins:-)

Setup looked simple, but timing chain guide installation required some dexterity or another couple of hands.

But I am quite skilled in solving such questions so cylinder head was placed in no time. I tightened all nuts according to pattern and torque indicated in manual and engine began to look like mostly assembled.

To be continued.

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  1. huzaifah

    Hi.. I admire your hard work, i wish i could overhaul the engine by myself.
    I actually wanted to buy cbx 750p 1995 from malaysia and convert it to a cafe racer, but im scared of having engine problems especially when this model has already stop production if im not wrong. Thanks in advance if u can solve my problem

    My second option was virago 535 but i have to cut the hassis frame which im dont prefer, due to the law.

    1. gazzz (Post author)


      Sorry for late answer, I was busy in garage.

      I know too little about P version of CBX750, but if its engine has the same base as CBX750F RC17 does, and Honda continued to manufacture P in ninetieth, sure they should fix at least part of issues that basic engine had. In spare time I checked parts lists of CBX750P 1996, and looks like it has the same reinforced alternator chain as CB750 Seven Fifty does, but the oil pump and other components of lubrication system are not upgraded.

      And sure, no one could guarantee that engine of 20+ years old bike will be completely intact. Even with low mileage it may need an overhauling of top end, but it is not such a big deal. Honda stopped CBX manufacturing, but all critical parts are still available for ordering, so it’s only the question of finances and skills.

      Kind regards,


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