Spring maintenance.

I used to maintain my motorcycles in the end of April. So I did this year.

The first was “Eight Ball” maintenance.  Usually it includes carburettors cleaning, air filter cleaning/oiling, fuel filter change and so on and so forth.

But as in the end of last year I noticed oil sweating  through valve cover gasket, I ordered new OEM gasket and set of rubbers for valve cover bolts.

As you may see, old rubbers were quite flattened by time and usage.

So I repacked the whole lot of those rubbers.

I also checked valve clearance by the way and cam chain tension, as I was forced to convert original cam tensioner into manual  when used  Diversion 600 cylinders in XJ600 51J engine.

Mostly assembled:

And then was time to maintain another bike, with the involvement of its owner, volunteered,  of course:-)

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