Cafe-roadster. “Home Edition”.

So, “home” part of Zephyr 750 cafe-roadster was completed on September, the 14th. That was the day when I with my friends planned to begin the journey to France. The last weeks and especially last days before were like continuous race for success. I worked in my garage so hard all evenings and weekends, that in the end got some health problems. Something like flu I suppose. But I did all I had to do even in such condition: made last blueprints and decals, dealt with the painter, the seat maker and the laser metal cutter so they ended their parts of work in time. The last part I received was custom front mudguard. I designed it and ordered it in one friendly custom workshop, called “Only metal cycles”. Nice work they did, especially if to take into account that they had only my model, without bike to fit it for. My friends supported me in days of my illness as hard as they could and great thanks to them for all help!

Zephyr 750 cafe roadster racerAfter I felt a bit better I immediately was in the garage again. I am trying to remember what exactly and in which sequence I did in last few days of this project part, but with great amazement I couldn’t recollect this in detail, such tight all deeds were intertwined: braided brake lines, fully custom made LED tail light, cable and wires routing, dashboard assembling  and so on and so forth… All that time I had my camera at my hand but I completely forgot about it so did no attempts to shoot any photo until bike was assembled.

Zephyr 750 cafe roadster racerWhy I was in such hurry, you may ask? There were four of us in journey, all had quite short visas, vacations on certain dates and our friends waited for us in Czech Republic , Belgium and France.  I just couldn’t fail them all. So in the morning of the 14th all was ready. I did a short test ride of bike and then shot this garage walkaround of my Zephyr in role of cafe-roadster. After that I stripped Zephyr ones again, with help of friends shot the exploded view photo, then packed all parts with great care and all became ready for journey…

Zephyr 750 cafe roadster racer Zephyr 750 cafe roadster racer Zephyr 750 cafe roadster racerAnd of course, couple of photos with “Eight Ball”:

Zephyr 750 cafe roadster racer Zephyr 750 cafe roadster racer

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  1. Daniel

    Hello. Great work and good story. What are you doing in france with the bike parts? You show the bike on a convention?

    Greetings from Daniel. Saxony, Germany

  2. gazzz (Post author)

    Hello again, Daniel, and thanks!

    I have installed my kit on a customer’s bike in France. It took longer than I thought because I had to sort out some technical problems with the bike. I rode this bike a bit, pics and videos will follow.


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