Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer. Shopping post. Part 6. OEM parts.

How many OEM parts one could need when working on project like my Kawasaki KZ650 cafe-racer? The answer is: as much as one  can put hands on. So here is what I have bought so far, but more OEM parts are still on their way to me.

Some of these parts, as brake calipers’ seals or valve seals, I showed in some of my previous posts. Thus, let’s take a closer look on parts from pictures above that weren’t shown earlier. First in list  is cylinder base gasket:

No matter how well were parts of KZ650 engine I am working on preserved, the thing is this engine was made in 1978, thus all rubbers inside it are 40 years old. All seals, O-rings and other rubbers that concealed inside and may cause a lot of troubles if don’t work properly, so no wonder I decided to replace them all with new OEM parts.

Here is complete set of oil seals:

The oils seal for left end of crankshaft is out of stock now so I bought NOS seal.

The set of O-rings and rubbers for oil system.

Rubbers for timing chain tension system. Rubbers for upper sprocket didn’t arrive yet.

Dampers for  secondary sprocket. They are particularly important, as they are only things that make sound of primary chain rattling quieter. A bit more about them I’ll write in one of the next posts.

Camshaft plugs are closing the queue of KZ650 engine rubbers.

After rubbers we proceed to hardware. New oil filter bolt:

I hate rusty or damaged dowel pins, so here is an assortment of their decent replacement :

Cylinder head nuts became rusty, thus I bought a set of new nuts as well as washers for them.

Exhaust studs and a set of exhaust collars:

New self locking nut for clutch. Old was OK, but of old type.

Old sprocket nut was still usable, but someone banged it with chisel, thus here are new nut and locking washer:

For the moment we finished with OEM parts for engine and the following purchases are for chassis, like these bearings and seals for Kawasaki Zephyr 550 swingarm I used in the project.

Or rear wheel axle nut with washer and locking and snap rings.

And some volts for swingarm adjusters and front fork.

And last but, not least of lot are some Honda parts. One of springs for brake disk was missed:

And hanger pin of rear caliper was damaged and thus replaced by new:




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