New tools.

Few days ago I decided to make some aluminum part for Seven Fifty project and found that I need some tools I haven’t got in my garage.

There were no special hammers for tinsmith in local markets so I had to make them by my own. Firstly,  I bought so-called shoemaker’s hammer  and converted it in something useful to hammer aluminum sheets.  I rounded its working surface and polished it.

IMG_3879 IMG_3888Another one hammer of useful configuration I found in my garage. I rounded and polished both its working sides.

IMG_3901As there was no handle for it at hand, I made one by my own from piece of pine wood. Not the best material for hummer handle, but I made it a bit more flat so I suppose it will work well for my purposes.

IMG_3935I also sewn sand bag from old jeans. Maybe leather works better in this case, but I had only jeans at hand and it looks like jeans bag works well too. Rubber hammer and another couple of  improvised tools complete the picture.

IMG_3913Now I am testing all these tools. Hope I can get good result…

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